Set-up community permissions

Set-up your community permissions to suit you!

Changing community owners

To set-up your community permissions:

  1. Click on your community card on the dashboard.
  2. Click on the members button:
    • Click the up arrow to promote member to owner.
    • Click the down arrow to demote a community owner.

Guests cannot be made an owner of a community.


As community owner, you can set SharePoint permissions in your community.

Members and guests will be given the following default permissions within a community’s SharePoint site:

  • View SharePoint Site
  • View items, versions, pages, and application pages
  • Browse user information
  • Create alerts
  • View, add, update and delete items
  • Add, edit and delete lists
  • Delete versions

To change SharePoint permissions in your community, you will need to follow the instructions on Microsoft Support SharePoint Permissions.


As a community owner, to access Teams permissions you will need to open the community in the Microsoft Teams app

  1. Click on the 3 dots ... next to the community name
  2. Click manage team
  3. Select the settings tab. 
  4. Click member permissions or guest permissions to see a list of permission settings.

Members of the community receive the following default permissions (these can be changed):

  • Create and update channels
  • Delete and restore channels
  • Add and remove apps
  • Create, update and remove tabs
  • Create, update and remove connectors
  • Delete all messages
  • Edit their messages

Guests can be given permission to:

  • Create and update channels
  • Delete channels



Last modified: March 02, 2021