As we say goodbye to 2019, GovTEAMS would like to thank our members and communities.

With the GovDEX migration successfully accomplished and GovTEAMS now reaching 32,804 registered members (4,590 communities and 172 organisations), we continue to grow and improve how the APS works collaboratively on a common platform. Our members play a major role in the success of GovTEAMS. Your feedback and contributions drive improvements in our evolving system. 

GovTEAMS recently launched the GovTEAMS training panel to help our members become more familiar with using GovTEAMS. You can now get on-site training designed for you or your team as well as online sessions where you can learn together in real-time. 

As 2020 commences, GovTEAMS is preparing for the start of a new era. Collaboration and information sharing are becoming increasingly important. Soon we will be putting GovTEAMS to the test at the PROTECTED classification level. We are putting the final touches on the Alpha version of PROTECTED GovTEAMS. We expect this platform to be available in January 2020. If you are not currently taking part in the trial and would like to, please email us at

Collaboration across boundaries is a key theme for GovTEAMS along with mobility. Members from dozens of organisations are using GovTEAMS from all over the world on all kinds of devices. We have had members use the service in New Zealand, United States of America, Malaysia and Spain just to mention a few. 

Our team have worked tirelessly over the year and on that note, a Christmas break is needed. As we head off to enjoy the summer weather, we wish to inform our valued members that our service desk will have very limited coverage over the Christmas/New Year period (Tuesday, 24 December 2019 – Wednesday, 1 January 2020).  However, our website is there to assist you with any issues that arise.  As a first point of reference, visit our Troubleshooting or Tips & Tricks page as the answer you need might be there.

From all of us here at GovTEAMS stay safe, enjoy your break and let’s start the new decade with a BANG – 2020, here we come!