Who can be a guest?

A member will need to invite you to join their community, if you’re employed by: 

  • local, state or territory governments
  • Government Business Enterprises
  • the Private Sector

As a GovTEAMS guest, you can only access information available in the community you have been invited to.

What is the process? 

You’ll receive an email inviting you to join a community. 

  1. Click join GovTEAMS in your email.
  2. Read and accept the terms and conditions. 
  3. Enter your details into the registration form.
  4. Click submit.

You’ll get a confirmation email to activate your account. As a guest, you’ll login with the email address that received the invitation. 

State government employees can also register as a guest. You’ll be added to a state demo community where you can try GovTEAMS out for yourself. 

Edit your guest profile

You can edit you guest profile:

  1. Click your name (top right corner) 
  2. Click my GovTEAMS account 
  3. Update your employer or occupation/job title by typing in the box 
  4. Click save (your employee will be informed) 
Last modified: July 29, 2019