GovTEAMS PROTECTED now offers features that provide more flexible user access and security options.

Features include:

  • Native browser-based access from non-PROTECTED or UNCLASSIFIED government networks
  • Optional secure remote work from outside government networks
  • Blocked downloading, copying or printing of sensitive data on non-PROTECTED devices
  • Secure collaboration with security-cleared external partners, by enforcing real-time session controls

These latest features have undergone a comprehensive security review, so you can be rest assured that your data is secure when collaborating using GovTEAMS PROTECTED.

Illustration of GTP Lock

Each agency has been asked to choose where their users can access GovTEAMS PROTECTED from - from work only, from anywhere, or not at all. Depending on the option chosen, users will have the ability to access key features such as document uploading (with automatic virus scanning), audio and video online meetings, and whole-of-government chat and messaging from UNCLASSIFIED government networks while using GovTEAMS PROTECTED.

Agencies will also have the option of allowing users to work remotely on GovTEAMS PROTECTED, an option that may be highly beneficial during these unprecedented times when so many employees are forced to work from home and other remote locations. Remote access also delivers unique collaboration opportunities to work closely with security-cleared external partners, irrespective of their national or international locations.

If you or your agency is keen to use GovTEAMS PROTECTED, or would like more information on how to join GovTEAMS PROTECTED, take a look at our About GovTEAMS PROTECTED page or get in touch with us at

Note: ALL users in GovTEAMS PROTECTED are required to have at least a Baseline security clearance or equivalent.