Licences will be arranged by your organisation. Your organisation will tell us how many GovTEAMS PROTECTED licences they need each year so you can focus on what's important, collaborating. 


What do licences cost?

GovTEAMS PROTECTED users will be charged an annual subscription fee of $1,750 per user and will be billed annually. Licences can be transferred once per quarter if required.

  • Members that have a licence removed will not be deleted, reset or permanently removed from the GovTEAMS PROTECTED tenancy.   

  • Data related to member activity, including, but not limited to Microsoft Teams messages and conversations, owned documents, emails and attachments, etc., will not be deleted from the GovTEAMS PROTECTED tenancy when a member’s licence is removed.   

  • Reassignment of a licence to a previously licenced member will restore previous data ownership to that member.