News / July 08, 2020

GovTEAMS Charging 

GovTEAMS continues to grow with now more than 22,300 members registered from 166 organisations. It is the leading online collaboration and networking tool for whole of government.

Licence cost

Now that the Digital Transformation Agency has released details of the new Volume Sourcing Agreement 4 (VSA 4) with Microsoft, we can provide updated information on licence fees.

Each organisation will be charged *$5.00 per active memberper month. This cost is accrued from 1 July 2019. For your information, a tiered pricing structure is provided below:

Number of members

Cost per active member per month

Cost per member per year

0 – 1000



1001 – 2500



> 2500



*During the beta phase of GovTEAMS, we utilised the Microsoft E3 licence. Under the new VSA 4, the OFFICIAL: Sensitive version of GovTEAMS will use the E1 licence.

GovTEAMS only charges organisations for active members, rather than registered members. You can have any number of members registered for GovTEAMS without incurring costs. If you are a small organisation (average staffing level of 100 or less), GovTEAMS is free.

Members can also invite employees from state government and the private sector to access a community as a guest, at no cost.

What’s included in your licence?

A licence gives members full access to the following features:

Secure online workspace

Office 365 tools

Personal profile

Secure and compliant with government standards

Microsoft Teams – meet, chat and video call

Promote skills and experience

Classified to OFFICIAL: Sensitive

SharePoint – share, structure and find information

Discover members

Create and own communities (open, private or hidden)

Office 365 apps – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote

Connect with members

File sharing and co-authoring

Other features – planner, forms, survey, reports, presentations, events and more…

Discover communities and files

Use on mobile, laptop or desktop

How charging works

Based on active members, GovTEAMS licensing fees will be levied every six months in arrears. Your organisation will be invoiced twice a year, in December and June. A delegate from your organisation has nominated several employees who will manage memberships, usage and licensing on behalf of your workplace. These contacts will be referred to as Organisation Administrators (Org Admins).

The Department of Finance will formalise the GovTEAMS arrangement with your authorised delegate via a Memorandum of Understanding.

State pricing

State Government community owners can administer communities for a cost of $350 per user per annum, (at least two licensed administrators are required to create a community). For more information, contact us through the web form.

...for now

Continue using GovTEAMS, until your organisation finalises its GovTEAMS arrangement. 

Information about charging