GovDEX migration

Due to strong participation in GovTEAMS, it will remain free of charge for Australian Government agencies until 1 July 2019. This extended free period allows time to migrate GovDEX data.

All GovDEX communities actively used since 1 January 2018 will be fully migrated to GovTEAMS. Better still, GovDEX will remain accessible until 30 June 2019. Migration dates are still being finalised and will be provided to you when available. See below the migration process, stepped out for your information:

1. Your data will be migrated

A snapshot of your GovDEX content and attachments will be taken. Your community data will be migrated to new communities in GovTEAMS:

Migrated data will include:
  • GovDEX pages and their content.
  • Files/attachments, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF documents.
  • A complete list of your users and their email addresses.
Record keeping

To comply with record keeping obligations, all GovDEX community administrators will have access to a complete (compressed) copy of their community data.

Note: Any content/attachments added to GovDEX after migration will require manual replication in GovTEAMS.

2. Access GovTEAMS to review your data

You’ll be notified when your GovDEX data has been recreated in a new GovTEAMS community. The notification will prompt you to register and login to GovTEAMS to access, check and tidy up your data.

GovDEX and GovTEAMS are built and work in different ways, therefore not all elements/macros used within GovDEX will be available in GovTEAMS. You should expect that some of your content will look different following the migration process and will need to be recreated or reformatted using ‘web parts’ in SharePoint Online.

3. Add members to your community

You will be given a complete list of your GovDEX users and their email addresses. You can decide who you want to invite to your GovTEAMS community.

Are you a state government employee?

Currently, when registering for GovTEAMS, state government employees are added to a demonstration community as a guest. You will have access to a complete (compressed) copy of your communities, even as a guest in GovTEAMS.

The team is working on a solution to give full access to state government employees, most likely for a fee that is required to recoup extra related costs. Once this is in place, state government employees will be able to:

  • Invite anyone to access their community free-of-charge as a guest.
  • Create as many GovTEAMS communities as they like.
  • Have access to the full features of GovTEAMS.

GovTEAMS closure

GovTEAMS will replace the existing GovDEX service. It offers a number of new and exciting features, allowing government employees and their industry partners to connect, share and work together across organisational and geographical boundaries. 

More information?
  • Once migration is complete, GovDEX will no longer be available and your content/attachments will only be accessible via GovTEAMS.
  • If you’ve already created a community in GovTEAMS, you’ll be given instructions on how to move your migrated GovDEX data to your GovTEAMS community.
  • Future information, including the all-important dates and milestones will be provided as it becomes available.
  • You can no longer create new communities and/or Jira projects in GovDEX.
Last modified: February 27, 2019