GovDEX migration

Due to strong participation in GovTEAMS, it will remain free of charge for Australian Government agencies until 1 July 2019. This extended free period allows time to migrate GovDEX data.

All GovDEX communities actively used since 1 January 2018, with one administrator are in-scope to be fully migrated to GovTEAMS. Better still, GovDEX will remain accessible until 30 June 2019. Migration dates are still being finalised and will be provided to you when available. See below the migration process, stepped out for your information:

1. Your data will be migrated

5:00pm, Friday 3 May 2019: a snapshot of your GovDEX content and attachments will be taken. Your community data will be migrated to new communities in GovTEAMS. 

Migrated data will include: 

  • GovDEX pages and their content. 

  • Files/attachments, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF documents. 

  • A complete list of your users and their email addresses. 

To comply with record keeping obligations, all GovDEX community administrators will have access to a complete (compressed) copy of their community data.

Note: Any content/attachments added to GovDEX after migration will require manual replication in GovTEAMS.

2. Access GovTEAMS to review your data

Before 25 May 2019: you'll be notified when your GovDEX data has been recreated in a new GovTEAMS community. The notification will prompt you to register and login to GovTEAMS to access, check and tidy up your data.

GovDEX and GovTEAMS are built and work in different ways, therefore not all elements/macros used within GovDEX will be available in GovTEAMS. You should expect that some of your content will look different following the migration process and will need to be recreated or reformatted using ‘web parts’ in SharePoint Online.

Migration support information

In the SharePoint site for your new GovTEAMS community, we will add a document folder called GovDEX Migration. This folder will contain:

  • Migration support guide: all the information you need to get your community ready to invite members. We will identify page structures in SharePoint; where to find your attachments; which GovDEX macros have been replaced with SharePoint web parts; and GovDEX macros that have not been replaced.
  • Compressed (.zip) copy of your community data: each compressed file will include a HTML file for each page with page content; an XML file for each page with page metadata; copies of all attachments (most recent version only); and a CSV file outlining a list of users.
  • List of community contacts: you’ll find a list of your existing GovDEX contacts, including their email addresses in the CSV file. Simply copy and past their details into GovTEAMS.
  • Restrictions report: SharePoint Online uses a different permissions model to GovDEX. Your GovDEX page restrictions won't be applied to your migrated content/files in GovTEAMS. We'll provide you with a report outlining the page restrictions previously applied to your GovDEX data. 

Are you a state government employee?

State government employees can register for GovTEAMS as a guest. You'll be added to the demonstration community to try out GovTEAMS, at no cost. Community owners can invite you to their communities. As a guest, you can only access features in the community you're invited to.

If you want access to the full features of GovTEAMS you can buy a state owner license for $350 per user per annum (at least two owners are needed to create a community). You'll be able to create communities and invite members and guest for free. Fees and invoicing processes are still being finalised.

A state government owner will have access to the full features of GovTEAMS, such as: 

  • Create unlimited communities 
  • Host video, auto meetings 
  • Discover others across government to collaborate with

Are you interested in trying GovTEAMS before purchasing a license? Contact us at,

GovDEX closure

GovDEX will close on 30 June 2019 and will be replaced by GovTEAMS. The service offers a range of new and exciting features, allowing government employees and their industry partners to connect, share and work together across organisational and geographical boundaries.  

More information? 

  • Once migration is complete, GovDEX will no longer be available and your content/attachments will only be accessible via GovTEAMS. 

  • If you’ve already created a community in GovTEAMS, you’ll be given instructions on how to move your migrated GovDEX data to your GovTEAMS community. 

  • You can no longer create new communities and/or Jira projects in GovDEX. 

Frequently asked question?

Q: I received an email from GovTEAMS saying that my GovDEX community was in-scope for migration, what does this mean?  

A: Communities that are in-scope for migration will have their content and attachments migrated to a new community in GovTEAMS. You will be required to register and login to GovTEAMS to access and save a copy of your compressed data. Administrators of these communities will also be given access to a complete (compressed .zip) copy of their community data.  

Charging for GovTEAMS will start on 1 July 2019. You have until 1 July to access your content and attachments without your agency being charged the annual administrative fees for GovTEAMS.  

Once you have a copy of your community data, you can choose to close your GovTEAMS community and deactivate your account, by following a few simple steps.  If you don’t want to register for GovTEAMS at all, your community will become dormant and will be removed.  

Q: Which communities are in-scope for migration? 

All GovDEX communities actively used since 1 January 2018, with at least one active administrator are in-scope to be fully migrated to GovTEAMS.  

Q: My community is in-scope for migration, but I don’t want it to be included in the process. What can I do?  

A: As a community administrator, you’re able to remove your GovDEX community from the service, however this must be done before COB 2 May 2019.  

Follow the steps below if you would like to remove your GovDEX community. Note, you must be an administrator to remove communities from GovDEX and will need to complete this process for each community you would like to remove: 

 Before removing your GovDEX community: 

  • Discuss your intention of removing your community with other administrators (if any). If another administrator disagrees with your idea, you’re able to remove yourself/request to be removed from the GovDEX community.
  • Ensure all documents listed within the community are saved on a local drive. A reminder that you’re responsible for your organisation’s record keeping obligations. GovDEX is not a records managements system.
  • Consider letting community members know that you will be removing the community from GovDEX. 

Removing your GovDEX community  

  • Login to GovDEX.
  • Click ‘Manage Community Membership’ on your dashboard. This should open the ‘User Administration’ screen that will display a list of user groups for the communities you administer.
  • Click the key for each user group within the community to display a list of users. 
  • Scroll down to the list of users and click the checkbox next to ‘Last Login Date’ to select all users.
  • Click the ‘Remove Selected’ button.
  • A green confirmation message will appear at the top of the page, once users have been successfully removed. 
  • Complete steps 3 to 6 for each user group. You should complete these steps for all other user groups before removing administrator access (i.e. commkey_admin). 
  • When you remove yourself from the administration group, an error message will pop up with ‘not permitted’. This message confirms that you have successfully removed all members including yourself from the group, which will change the community status to inactive. 

Q: My community is out-of-scope for migration, how do I request for it to be included in the migration process?  

If you would like the content and attachments from GovDEX migrated to a new community within GovTEAMS, please send us an email to, before 2 May 2019. You need to include your GovDEX community name and key in your request. 

Q: Will Jira projects be migrated? 

A: At this moment Jira migration will happen separately and further communications will be provided in due course. 

Q: Will it cost anything to be migrated? 

A: Not if you deactivate your account before 1 July 2019 -  




Last modified: May 20, 2019