GovDEX has been replaced by GovTEAMS

GovDEX closed on 30 June 2019 and has been replaced by GovTEAMS. GovTEAMS is the new whole of government collaboration tool that enables government employees and their industry partners to connect, share and work together across organisational and geographical boundaries.

Frequently asked questions?

Q: Why did GovDEX close? 

A: GovDEX was launched in 2006 and was the first collaboration tool available for government. Since that time, minimal updates were made to the service which resulted in it no longer meeting the needs of customers. 

In 2015, the Department of Finance conducted a feasibility study which found there was a need for a more robust and modern collaboration platform for government to use to connect, share and work together.  

As it was not practical to support two different collaboration tools, a decision was made to close GovDEX after active communities had been migrated to the new service. 

What happened to my communities and information inside GovDEX? 

In May 2019, all GovDEX communities actively used since 1 January 2018, with one administrator were migrated to GovTEAMS. GovDEX community administrators were sent a notification from GovTEAMS informing them their data had been recreated in a new GovTEAMS community.  

Community administrators were responsible for inviting members to their new communities in GovTEAMS.  

Q: Where do I find my migrated community information in GovTEAMS? 

A: When you login to GovTEAMS you’ll be taken to your dashboard. On the dashboard, you’ll see a community card with the name of your GovDEX community under the ‘Owner’ heading. On the community card, click the SharePoint icon. 

In the SharePoint site for your new GovTEAMS community, we have created a document folder called GovDEX Migration. This folder contains a: 

  • Migration support guide: all the information you need to get your community ready to invite members. We have identified page structures in SharePoint; where to find your attachments; which GovDEX macros have been replaced with SharePoint web parts; and GovDEX macros that have not been replaced. 
  • Compressed (.zip) copy of your community data: each compressed file will include a HTML file for each page with page content; an XML file for each page with page metadata; copies of all attachments (most recent version only); and a CSV file outlining a list of users. 

  • List of community contacts: you’ll find a list of your existing GovDEX contacts, including their email addresses in the CSV file. Simply copy and paste their details into GovTEAMS. 

  • Restrictions report: SharePoint Online uses a different permissions model to GovDEX. Your GovDEX page restrictions won't be applied to your migrated content/files in GovTEAMS. We have provided you with a report outlining the page restrictions previously applied to your GovDEX data. 

Q: How do I register for GovTEAMS? 

A: Register here for GovTEAMS today. 

The registration process can be a bit long and tricky to complete, so we’ve created a 3-step registration process page on our website to help you. The most important thing you can do to ensure you’re able to successfully register for GovTEAMS, is not to give-up halfway through the process. If you leave it too long between completing steps, your activation email will expire, and it will make your account inactive before you’ve completed all the required steps. 

Q: What’s happened to all my information from GovDEX? 

A: Information in all active GovDEX communities (before 3 May) was migrated to GovTEAMS. Any information uploaded after this time had to be manually migrated to GovTEAMS by community administrators.  

Q: So, what now? 

A: GovDEX administrators and members need to register for GovTEAMS using their work email addresses as accounts were not migrated. 

GovTEAMS provides government with a clean slate. An opportunity for administrators and members to start fresh with only the content that is current and relevant to them. 

Q: What about JIRA? 

A: Community administrators were responsible for ensuring they downloaded a copy of all their JIRA data. Any data that was in JIRA has not been migrated to GovTEAMS. 

Q: Can I still login and access GovDEX? 

You will no longer have access to GovDEX. This means you won’t be able to access your communities, wikis and files in GovDEX. You won’t even be able to login to GovDEX and view your community or account information. Communications were sent to all users informing them of this.  

Q: When was I told GovDEX was closing? 

A: All GovDEX administrators and users should have received the emails outlined below. GovDEX administrators were responsible for ensuring their community was ready to be migrated to GovTEAMS and aware of the closing date.  

We also posted news items to the GovDEX notices page, that anyone could view. 

Date and subject 

Administrators received 

Users received 

22 January 2018 – Announcement of service provider for the new digital collaboration service 



15 March 2018 - GovDEX project update 



2 May 2018 – GovDEX project update – further action required 



10 September 2018 – GovTEAMS open beta release 



14 December – GovTEAMS pricing update 



22 February 2019 - GovTEAMS pricing and migration update 



26-28 March 2019 - Your GovDEX community will (/NOT) be migrated to GovTEAMS 



11 April 2019 - Key dates for migration from GovDEX to GovTEAMS 



30 April 2019 - Final reminder: GovDEX to GovTEAMS migration 



25 May 2019 - You've been added to a GovTEAMS community 



26 June 2019 – GovDEX is closing final reminder 



Q: As a state government employee, how can I access GovTEAMS? 

A: State government employees can register for GovTEAMS as a guest. You'll be added to the demonstration community to try out GovTEAMS, at no cost. Community owners can invite you to their communities. As a guest, you can only access features in the community you're invited to. 

If you want access to the full features of GovTEAMS you can buy a state owner license for $350 per user per annum (at least two owners are needed to create a community). You'll be able to create communities and invite members and guest for free. 

A state government owner will have access to the full features of GovTEAMS, such as:  

  • Create unlimited communities  

  • Host video, auto meetings  

  • Discover others across government to collaborate with 

Are you interested in trying GovTEAMS before purchasing a license? Contact us at,

Last modified: July 02, 2019