Get familiar with the org admin dashboard 

The org admin dashboard is where you go to manage everything to do with your GovTEAMS licences. From here you can see your organisations email domains and licence allocation and you can access your management tools.  

How you access the org admin dashboard?  

Login to GovTEAMS and click on the organisation management icon in the top right corner.  

What’s in your dashboard? 


Domains are the email addresses that members use to register for GovTEAMS (e.g. A number of organisations manage more than one email domain. 

Org admin list 

View the list of organisational administrators. Organisations need to nominate, at least 1 org admin and can have up to 10, depending on their size. We recommend 3 to 5 org admins per organisation to ensure adequate coverage.  

Admins are not required to own a licence to perform their role. 

Licence allocation summary screen 

The licence allocation summary gives a quick view of the following: 

  • Licence cap – total number of licences purchased by the organisation  

  • Allocated – total number of licences allocated 

  • Reserved – total number of reserved licences for users that require access to GovTEAMS without approval 

  • Pending requests – total number pending requests for licences 

Management tools 

Manage memberships, usage and licences: 

  • View organisation user list – manage licences and users with functionality to search and filter users to allocate licences, deactivate accounts and remove licences. There is also the function to export users based on filters. 

  • Reserve licences – reserve licences by adding an email address 

  • Blocked licences – block a licence allocation by adding an email address 

  • Export user list – export the list of users 

  • View pending licence requests – filtered view of pending licence requests 

  • Edit organisation terms of use - set terms of use for your organisation

Last modified: July 29, 2019