Common access issues 

We have recently experienced a significant increase in GovTEAMS usage due to the volume of people opting to work from home. To help you out, we have out together solutions for common access issues. To help us out, please read this page before contacting us as you might find the answer you need here.


Can't see your community in Microsoft Teams?

There are a few technical issues happening around community owners not being able to see the community they have just created. If this is happening to you, please try these steps:

  1. Invite someone to your community

  2. Promote that person to a community owner

  3. Ask them to remove you from the community

  4. Ask them to invite you back to the community

  5. Ask them to promote you back to a community owner

If this doesn’t work or sounds too complicated, please contact us


Trouble signing in

Error message - Sorry, but we're having trouble signing you in

  1. Check your username -
  2. Have you set up your two factor authenticator? Make sure you set up additional two factor authenticator - do not use your work phone
  3. Use the same password you used when signing up


Registration issues

  1. Have you already got a GovTEAMS account? Don't set up another one
  2. Check your work email, junk and spam folders for your activation email
    • if you still can't find it, check with your IT area, your email may be trapped in a spam filter
  3. Unable to enter your information or buttons are greyed out? Try using a different browser like Chrome or Microsoft Edge


Are you being automatically logged out?

Error message - GovTEAMS is automatically logging you out

  1. This could be your internet browser. Try using a different browser like Chrome or Microsoft Edge


Last modified: March 27, 2020