A change to the Microsoft Authenticator app

Microsoft are rolling out an improvement to the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) process for members who use the Microsoft Authenticator app push notifications.

As of Monday 8 May, GovTEAMS members will be required to enter the two digit number displayed on their sign-in screen when approving an MFA request. This feature is critical to prevent accidental approvals and will improve the security of your account.

The new process

When signing into GovTEAMS and MFA is required, members who choose to approve their sign in using the Authenticator App should:

  1. Receive a number on their screen
  2. Take note of this number
  3. Enter it into the Microsoft Authenticator App
  4. Select 'Yes'

This will complete the sign in process.

Screenshot of multi-factor authentication change
Where to find the authentication number on your devices (click to see larger image)

All other forms of Authentication, including receiving a call or text, will remain the same. However, once this change is made Microsoft will no longer support the use of the authenticator on the Apple Watch, so they have recommended that members uninstall the app from their watch.

If you have any questions, or come across any issues, please contact us