4-step registration process

Before you start, make sure you have access to your work email and your mobile or desktop phone (this can be your personal device). You’ll need these to verify your details for registration.

The registration process takes between 5-10 minutes to complete.

You will need to complete this process in one go to successfully set up your account recovery. 

  1. Check your emailenter in your work email address and we’ll send you a confirmation email, so keep an eye on your email inbox, junk and spam folders (just in case). Click confirm email or copy and paste the link into your web browser.
  2. Set-up your account - read and accept the terms and conditions. Enter your details into the form and complete your account set-up.
  3. Log in - log-in using your new username ending in @govteams.gov.au and the password you set when setting up your account
  4. Complete Microsoft’s multi-factor authentication process - you’ll need a phone or the Microsoft authentication app on your device. The additional security verification is mandatory for all members and guests - it adds a layer of protection to the entire GovTEAMS service. 
Last modified: July 08, 2020